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David Elias "The Window" re-released as DSD Disc.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:42 pm    Post subject: David Elias "The Window" re-released as DSD Disc. Reply with quote

... I know this SACD tends to go for almost $200 on eBay and has been well-reviewed... David Elias and the Super Audio Center have re-released this disc as a DSD Disc, playable on the XA5400ES, Korg recorders, and PS3. Also playable on newer Sony VAIO systems.
Similar to the recent Wheatus download.

David Elias - The Window - DSD Download + DSD Disc

(Note, I have no ties or association to David Elias.)

Text from David Elias's group:


New Things Happen...

In 2002, I worked with KC Groves (Uncle Earl) to co-produce what was to become my first SACD called "The Window ". Recorded in 3 consecutive days at Immersive Studios in Boulder, I had been inspired by experiments with Gus Skinas since 1999 in Hi-Res (now called HD) recording using Sony's and Philip's new DSD format for high definition.

Gus and I were both interested in seeing how real my music could be recorded and played back in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. So we begain recording solo sessions as "pure" attempts to create this using excellent microphones, preamps and analog to digital converters, but nothing else like sound effects units or plugins.

Eventually it became very adventurous to contemplate putting together a full band in a top notch studio with the purpose of recording everything live and uncluttered. By uncluttered I mean avoiding the use of digital or other mechanical means of modifying the ambient sound of a band in a very good sounding room with very good sounding playing.

Instead we wanted to capture that experience and reproduce it for the listeners as closely as possible as if they were there for the original sessions. In the end, we arranged all musicians in one large semicircle in the studio. We even made natural use of the sound going between different microphones (bleed) as well as up into the ceiling and off the walls...some people thought we were crazy.

DSD and SACD in both stereo and 5.1 surround provided the means to record and playback those sessions. So "The Window" became the first hybrid multichannel (5.1) SACD self-produced by an unsigned artist. It also got tons of great writeups, awards and support from many much appreciated listeners. It sold out in a few years and for mostly economic reasons wasn't reprinted.

Fast forward to 2009 and suddenly the technical audio world has changed again. With the proliferation of Sony PlayStation3's (PS3 ) for entertainment of all kinds, as well as the emergence of DSD (DSF) portable recorders by Korg as well as a newly applauded Sony SACD player (XA5400ES ) with new features supporting DSF files, it is now possible for literally tens of millions of people to hear very very high quality audio. It's as good as vinyl! Smile Even more amazing is that this audio can be downloaded from the Internet!

So while I have recorded many different projects, SACD's, CD's and short videos using DSD since "The Window" was released in 2003, it seems very fitting that I christen the new bleeding edge of HD audio in the form of Internet downloaded files and mass media playback devices with "The Window" tracks. It's a new world again afterall.

You can now download "The Window" in its original 1-bit, 2.8MHz DSD format that was used to create the SACD in stereo. Once you have downloaded the zipped file, you can unzip it and burn a DVD on your PC or Mac. This DVD is something that the PlayStation3, or the Sony XA5400ES will play directly from the disc in the original HD (DSF) stereo format. In addition, you can open the DSF files from a PC/Mac for playback on a portable digital recorder like the Korg MR-1 or other Korg models (1000 , 2000, 2000s ). Of course you can also play these files on a Sonoma workstation or similar pro-studio DSD recorder.

I know that not everyone is interested in audio quality per se. But..... in the 14 years that I have had my music online starting with MP3 files hosted by the likes of the original, not much changed in the low quality of the music you could download until only recently. Suddenly "original CD quality" WAV or AIFF files and even higher resolution HD audio files are becoming common fare. Someone out there wants quality!

Perhaps HD video has helped create this demand for better audio. Whatever the reason I am happy to know that more music lovers are paying attention to the audio quality of the music they purchase. It is an enriching experience. It is why music is music in the first place, to my ears at least.

Thank you for listening. I hope you get a chance to hear "The Window" in the original format it was created. The reason is because it simply couldn't sound any better than that. You can download the DVD image to burn yourself or you can buy a DVD of the audio files online and have it shipped to you. Click here to find out more about this new horizon...

With Aloha,
- DE

PS - There is a new bonus track added to "The Window" for this special reissue. It is a live studio take of "Vision of Her" recorded at Slipperworld Studios in La Honda, Califorina. Charlie Natzke (acoustic), Chris Kee (upright bass) and I recorded it out there in the country one sunny morning with the windows open


... It's not an SACD, but it is DSD, and this may be happening more and more. This could be the way that the format survives into the future. Hopefully more players will added the DSD Disc option.

This makes two official DSD Disc/Download releases. I have a feeling we'll see more.
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